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What we are

Signature Middle East wants to be regarded as the best provider in its chosen markets by delivering services that are recognised for outstanding quality, reliability and innovation.

Founded in 2003, SME bears the market reputation of being a complete HR Services provider- precise and pro-active in locating and managing human resources. Our client-friendly process and human capital infrastructure allows us to service the ever changing client requirements in an efficient and effective manner. With comprehensive experience servicing world-class clientele and top-caliber candidates across a wide spectrum of industries, we measure our success through our growing list of satisfied clients. SME started with humble beginnings as a preferred recruitment partner and from there branched out into outsourcing/ contract staffing.

What we do

SME brings innovation, thought leadership and passion to its customers’ businesses so as to enhance performance and value. Our values are embedded into everything we do.


The personnel needs of organizations are handled by us from entry to exit, as a value added outsourced service provider delivering a seamless experience to customers. Our service is fully tailored to the clients specific need in order to support the delivery of the clients strategic HR and organizational objectives. As many businesses do not have the time and resources available or are too bureaucratic, SME offers to them a cost effective way of ensuring cutting edge service delivery. Functions associated with HR outsourcing include:

– Offer letters
– Visa processing
– Induction
– Training
– Payroll
– HR Management
– Performance Reviews
– Exit formalities

Conducting Surveys

– Salary surveys
– Employee satisfaction surveys
– Client satisfaction surveys

What we want to be

SME wants to be regarded as the best provider in its chosen markets by delivering services that are recognised for outstanding quality, reliability and innovation.

Our Values

Customer focus

We focus relentlessly on the customer. We provide flexible, practical and value added solutions. We deliver results by constantly taking the initiative.


We challenge the status quo and approach our business with creativity, fresh ideas, lateral thinking and a commitment to do things in a new way. We inspire innovation.

Speed and Efficiency

We act quickly and decisively. Speed is of the essence.


We are dependable and responsible people committed to being open, transparent, honest and direct in all of our activities.


We are dedicated to continuous improvement which is reflected in our leadership in technology, implementation, operations and quality standards.


We create value, are empowered to make a difference and are responsible and accountable for our actions. We succeed through teamwork based on mutual respect and the desire to invest in each other’s success.

Products and Solutions

At Your Service

Wherever you do business – across the street or around the region – you can count on SME to help you succeed.

With close to 1000 outsourced employees in the UAE under the SME visa/payroll we offer companies an easy, cost effective and fully compliant way to outsource staff. By having staff on our visa/payroll, we allow our clients to:

Our clients range from multi-nationals to start ups. It can be especially useful for companies carrying out project &/or consulting work from the following sectors:

– Reduce costs
– Lower their headcount
– Focus on core business
– Free up internal resources

Our clients range from multi-nationals to start ups. It can be especially useful for companies carrying out project &/or consulting work from the following sectors:

– Consultancies
– Multi-nationals
– Government organizations
– Start-ups

After gathering your requirements we prepare a quote and once accepted, we take care of the visa process, labour card and administration related functions like opening bank accounts for employees. Employees are outsourced to your (or your client’s site)and receive payment at the end of each month directly from SME. The key benefits are:

– Easy (hassle free)
– Cost effective
– Compliant (legal)


Last year we sourced and recruited over 600 people from over 20 countries across 30 different skill sets. We are competent in both large scale recruitment campaigns and bespoke, high level assignments. We use a variety of recruitment methodologies depending on the nature of the assignment that include:

– Database – our own in house proprietary pool of candidates and jobseekers
– Portals – both regional and international job portals
– Advertisements – press, digital and specialist publications
– Referrals – utilizing our existing large employee network – the best people know the best people
– Head hunting (senior assignments) – targeted search strategies appropriate for the role
– Partners – recruitment partners across the globe when we want to deliver complex, specialist or large volume campaigns.

Once we have found suitable candidates we conduct a rigorous assessment process to ensure we have the right quality. These are dependent on client needs however may include:

– Communication skills
– Soft skills – energy, assertiveness, composure, personality
– Job specific interview – e.g. for sales, based on previous achievements and numbers.
– Joining commitment level through Quality Validation Sheet (QVS).
– Domain and psychometric tests.

Our role in providing flexible staff is to ensure our clients spend the minimum amount of time in the recruitment process however we feel it’s very important they have the final say during a short interview with the candidate. Once the client selects the individual we conduct background verification checks that can include:

– Previous employer references
– Character references
– Police checks (home country checks available)
– Credit checks

HR Management

We define this as SME’s core business and typical involves the recruitment, selection, on-boarding to SME visa/payroll and the ongoing HR and administration management of the employee whilst they are outsourced to the client.

After the recruitment and selection has been finished the on-boarding process begins. To ensure outsourced employees have a “soft landing” SME begins a hand holding process that includes:

– Constant communication
– Collection of acknowledged copy of resignation
– Giving guidance and clarifications on UAE as a location to work
– Speaking to family if required
– Document collection
– Visa processing

We can also arrange an airport pick up, hotel accommodation, bank account opening and assistance in finding accommodation. As the UAE is a unique place to work and live we can make our employees aware of the local customs, lifestyle, culture, the people and how to do business. Our induction process includes an orientation about clients’ policies, rules and regulations and we have a dedicated 24/7 help-desk for employee grievances and queries.

We provide our employees with medical insurance and direct credit of salaries to individual accounts in line with WPS standards. We can conduct yearly 3-way appraisal procedures and training needs analysis in conjunction with our clients with the ultimate aim of reducing employee attrition.

We organize yearly events for our outsourced employees and have recognition and awards for outstanding performers. We feel these help increase employee engagement and offer a sense of belonging to an organisation.

We have developed a C-C-C model which showcases how the outsourced partnerships operate. As the company, we must provide high quality services to our client, who in turn must provide a pleasant work environment for our outsourced employee (consultant); in turn our consultant must keep us happy by performing well at the client site.

Small Business

Solutions for Small Businesses (0 – 49 employees) Solutions for Small Businesses

Any great partnership starts with trust

So much of your life revolves around your business. We know that selecting a business partner is no simple task. So here’s our promise to you: choose SME and we’ll deliver the insight, experience and support you need to help you manage your workforce and your operations. Whether you’re just starting out, experiencing rapid growth or sustaining a mature company, we have small business solutions to help you succeed.

Get assistance when you need it

Beyond just helping you keep the lights on, we lend perspective and ideas – along with the hard-won wisdom we’ve gained from serving companies like yours for over 6 years. Come to us with your business challenges. Chances are we’ve helped steer another small business through similar waters already. Or just use us as a sounding board for new ideas. Wondering how you can make your employees more productive? Interested in keeping your employees on the job longer with a retirement plan? Not sure which benefit plan type is the right one? We’ll help make sure you consider all the angles and know the impacts before you make any major moves.

Get back to business

Running a small business is hard enough without also having to worry about the details of HR and workforce administration. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you make sure that you, your managers and your employees are getting the tools, resources and – most importantly – the assistance your company deserves. So you can get back to building and growing your business.

Midsized Business

Solutions for Midsized Businesses (50 – 999 employees)

Midsized Business Payroll and beyond

Get an all-in-one solution from a single provided

What business issues are you dealing with right now? Continued economic pressures? Increasing compliance requirements, perhaps even outside of the U.A.E.? Competing to find and keep talented workers?

To help you address these and other challenges, SME provides an innovative combination of technology and service – designed specifically for midsized companies – that no software solution alone can match. With SME payroll services as the foundation, you can trust our proven, all-in-one Human Capital Management (HCM) solution to help you work smarter and propel your business forward.

Manage, processes, technology & risk

Could your managers be more effective and productive? We think so. Our HCM solution helps you remove time-consuming administrative processes from their plates while giving them better visibility into your greatest asset – your people. It goes beyond processing your payroll, HR, time and attendance, and benefits administration. With a deep understanding of how these different functions impact each other, we can help reduce your administrative burden, lower costs and optimize your compliance efforts.

Our flexible midsized solution is designed adapt to your current platform, grow with you as your needs evolve and support a workforce that’s mobile and always on. We can also help you reduce your administrative tasks to support your evolving needs. And show you how to use the data you already have to drive better business decisions. All with one goal in mind: achieving results.

Expect the highest levels of service and support

SME provides all of our midsized clients with the same deep, dedicated support that our large business clients receive. Our SME support associates are cross-trained on all aspects of HCM and have an average of 6 years’ experience, enabling them to better anticipate your needs and recommend improvements you might not have thought of. Clients stay with us because they receive more than a technology solution; they get highly trained and certified professionals to call on for timely, effective and accurate handling of their service issues.

Large Business

Solutions for Large businesses (1000+ Employees)

Solutions for large Businesses

Utilizing a common Human Capital Management vendor or solution can reduce overall TCO by an average of almost 20%.