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Mercedes Benz C-Coupe

3-5 Doors
Minimum Age 21
Minimum Driving License time 1 year
Capacity 5
1 Large luggage
2 Small Luggage

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Mercedes has responded again to the challenge of the class-leading BMW 3-Series. It only recently facelifted the car. Now, it’s realigned trims, so the popular ‘sport’ look is now standard on all. Yes, for the first time ever, you can only have a stick-up three-pointed star on Merc’s junior exec if you pay extra. We don’t expect many to do so. The trim revisions, which bring in more AMG-influenced packs, are intended to further move the C-Class away from its staid roots and become a more dynamic challenger to the BMW and Audi A4. We reckon Mercedes is onto something here: this is a rear-wheel drive car that’s been properly sorted and has a great range of petrol and diesel engines. Staid old Mercedes? Not anymore.

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